Neto (MaroPost) to Marketplace Integration

Neto stands out as one of the premier e-commerce solutions for Australian retailers seeking a comprehensive platform to manage their operations. Tailored to Australian business needs, its personalized features contribute to its widespread success.

At eStore Ninja, we’ve facilitated multi-channel setups for numerous Australian businesses, empowering them to seamlessly manage their eBay and Amazon accounts directly from Neto’s backend. If you’re operating a Neto website, expanding to eBay and Amazon becomes effortless with our comprehensive integration services.

Our integration solutions enable you to effortlessly create new product listings, synchronize inventory, process orders, and conduct all other marketplace operations directly from your Neto backend. Experience the convenience of centralized management and maximize your online sales potential with our Neto to Marketplace Integration services.

Neto Integration Services

Account Onboarding

Leave the hassle of account setup to our experts, allowing you to focus on product sourcing and other core tasks.

Product Listing & Management

From adding new products to Neto, eBay, or Amazon, our team has you covered, ensuring seamless listing management across all platforms.

Professional Storefront Design

Elevate your brand presence with professional storefront and product template services on eBay and Amazon, tailored to reflect your brand identity.

Product Listing

Optimize your marketplace listings to enhance visibility and performance in non-paid searches, maximizing your sales potential.

Paid Promotions & Advertising

Drive sales growth on marketplaces through strategic paid advertising and PPC campaigns, tailored to boost your brand's visibility and revenue.


Gain expertise in managing your marketplace accounts independently with our comprehensive consultation and training sessions, empowering you to make the most of your e-commerce endeavors.

Key Features of Neto to Marketplace Integration

Automate Marketplace

Save time and effort by automating the listing process on eBay and Amazon using the product information from your Neto website. Simply add products to your website, and they'll be listed on eBay and Amazon without the need for separate listing efforts.

Custom Template for each Marketplace

Utilize Neto's built-in features for eBay listing template customization and custom product description rules, enabling you to create visually appealing eBay listings and custom Amazon descriptions tailored to each marketplace.

Manage all Your Sales Channels

Streamline your operations by managing all your marketplace sales and stock from your Neto website backend, eliminating the need to log in to each marketplace separately for management tasks.

Auto Inventory Synchronization

Ensure accurate inventory management across all your sales channels with Neto's automatic inventory synchronization. Inventory levels are updated in real-time between your website and marketplace accounts, reducing the risk of overselling or stockouts.

Connect Multiple eBay/Amazon Accounts

Expand your reach and sell globally by connecting multiple eBay and Amazon accounts with Neto, enabling you to manage multiple accounts seamlessly from a single platform.

Process Marketplace Orders

Efficiently manage your eBay and Amazon orders by importing them into your Neto website with all necessary information. Easily upload shipment details and tracking numbers to your marketplace orders, which are automatically updated on eBay and Amazon for streamlined order processing.


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