– Custom Shopify Website Development With eBay and Amazon Integration

Case overview

In the case of, their objective was to design a visually appealing website with a user-friendly backend that could be easily managed by their staff, even without extensive technical knowledge.

At eBay Ninja, we understood their requirement and delivered a solution that not only met their design expectations but also provided a range of features necessary for running a modern e-commerce business.

Our Approach

Shopify for Easier Management

we prioritize Shopify due to its affordability and an extensive collection of ready-made apps that can be easily installed with a single click. We recommended Shopify to our clients and provided them with a comprehensive backend demonstration of day-to-day e-commerce operations, ensuring that they can manage their store independently.

Custom Website Design:

At eBay Ninja, we strive for five-star customer feedback by offering 100% custom website design at affordable costs without compromising on the website launch date. To begin, we presented wireframes of various website pages to our clients, allowing them to understand the basic structure and layout of the website. Once the design was confirmed, we carefully selected the best Shopify theme that aligned with their requirements and customized it based on the final design.

Payment Gateway Integrations

We understand that customers prefer having multiple payment options, even if they ultimately follow a similar order placement process. To cater to a wide range of customers with varied payment preferences, we integrated popular payment gateways and provided extensive choices for making payments. In addition to integrating PayPal as the default payment option, we recommended and implemented additional choices such as debit cards, credit cards, GPay, and Apple Pay, ensuring a comprehensive range of payment options for end customers.

Linnworks Setup: Shopify to eBay and Amazon Integration:

One of our clients already had a successful eBay store and sought to expand their presence on Amazon. We recommended Linnworks as a multi-channel setup integration solution and seamlessly migrated all live eBay listings into Linnworks. We then connected our client’s selling channels (eBay, Amazon, and Shopify) to Linnworks, allowing them to manage all their operations from a single platform.

With our Linnworks integration, our client gained the ability to upload new product inventory into Linnworks with all desired attributes. They could create and manage products on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon directly through Linnworks. Furthermore, we designed a professional eBay listing template that reflected their new website branding and created an invoice template based on their product packaging, which was seamlessly integrated into Linnworks for easy order automation.

A Well-Tested Shopify Website:

At eBay Ninja, we understand the importance of delivering a flawless user experience. Every website we build undergoes rigorous testing by real people from our team, allowing us to gather valuable feedback on the actual user experience offered. Our comprehensive testing process includes evaluating the website’s performance on various screen sizes, devices, and browsers. Additionally, we conduct usability and user experience tests to identify any areas that may require improvement, ensuring a smooth and seamless customer shopping journey.

Customer Feedback

It’s been wonderful experience working with Nirav and team. We are very pleased with the website design and its integration with other channels. Looking forward to hire again.

Armando – 

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