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Magento to Marketplace integration

Integrate your Magento website seamlessly with leading marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. With eStore Ninja’s expertise, you can effortlessly create new listings, manage stock, and process marketplace orders directly from your Magento website backend.

As an official M2E PRO system integration partner, eStore Ninja has successfully configured Magento to eBay and Amazon integration for over 500 satisfied customers. Our clients benefit from the rich features and convenience of managing marketplace listings directly from their Magento backend.

By partnering with eStore Ninja, you’ll also gain access to our extensive experience in complex data migration and configuration projects. Additionally, as an official M2E PRO partner, we have direct technical support from the lead M2E PRO coder, ensuring any issues during project execution are swiftly resolved. Trust eStore Ninja to streamline your marketplace integration and optimize your e-commerce operations.


What We Offer?

M2E PRO Configuration

Hire M2E PRO specialists to configure your Magento website with your marketplace accounts. Join our community of over 200 satisfied customers!

Brand Storefront & Custom Template

Enhance your brand's presence with customized Amazon Brand Storefronts, A+ content, or bespoke eBay templates that seamlessly align with your website designs.

Marketplace Listing Migration

Entrust our professionals to seamlessly migrate your existing marketplace listings into M2E PRO or from any other third-party listing tool while preserving all sales history.

Listing Management & Optimization

Harness the skills of our marketplace experts to efficiently create bulk listings on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Optimize your listings for maximum organic exposure within each marketplace.

Paid Campaigns & Promotions

Let us tailor your paid marketing strategies to each platform, driving rapid revenue and sales growth with optimized ad spend.

1-on-1 Training

Acquire proficiency in M2E PRO to independently manage all your accounts. Benefit from personalized consultation and training sessions conducted via Skype or TeamViewer.

M2E PRO Onboarding Process


Account on-boarding and Configuration


Product Data Feed Management


Connecting Magento with Marketplace Accounts


Bulk Listing Creation Through M2E PRO


Listing Optimization, Training & Other Support

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