Ced Commerce eBay Template Design & Integration

Are you utilizing CED Commerce to streamline your eBay listing operations? If so, we strongly recommend considering a custom-branded eBay template. This tailored template will seamlessly reflect the unique identity of your website within your eBay listings, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Moreover, our custom eBay template will seamlessly integrate into your CedCommerce Configuration. This integration empowers you to effortlessly update all your eBay listings with just a few clicks, simplifying your efforts while maintaining a cohesive brand presence across platforms.

See Our eBay Templates in Action

Witness the exceptional quality of our work, explore the eBay listings we have designed for various brands. Click on the logos below to view their eBay listings.

Why Custom eBay Templates?

A professional visual presentation is paramount in gaining buyer trust and establishing your brand credibility. Presenting product information with a sleek layout significantly increases sales, user engagement, and conversion rates compared to using eBay’s default format.

Distinguish your brand with professional design and create exceptional listings that leave a lasting impression on potential eBay buyers. By standing out, you establish a base for repeat sales and solidify your presence in the eBay marketplace.

Our templates are mobile-responsive, automatically adjusting their design and layout based on the user’s device, screen size, or browser. This ensures a pleasant shopping experience for buyers, regardless of their device or screen size.

Beyond making a positive brand impression, professionally designed eBay templates also reduce bounce rates and indirectly impact eBay’s sale-through rate metrics. This, in turn, leads to higher organic positioning for your listings within eBay’s search algorithm, enhancing your visibility and sales potential.

Maximize repeat customers and sales by establishing your brand identity on eBay. Our custom templates feature branding elements such as logos, promotional banners, and an “about us” section, all presented with visually appealing design to help you stand out and build brand recognition among eBay’s vast audience.

 Aligning our custom templates with your current website design or branding increases the likelihood of driving eBay customers to your website. By directing traffic to your site, you can potentially eliminate eBay’s commission from future sales, maximizing your profits and customer retention.

Our Process


Analyzing Your Branding & Products


Designing First Draft For Client's Review


Design Revisions & Approval


Integration of Template HTML into CED APP


Consultation /Training & Support

Key Features of our CED COMMERCE eBay Template

Our template header includes your brand logo, quick contact/message links, a mega menu with category navigation, customer feedback links, and other essential elements. This allows buyers to navigate promptly between your top categories and other important information.

Easily highlight specific categories/products or current markdown sales with our easy-to-manage promotional banner option. Showcase your top events, discounts, or ongoing sale coupons to attract buyers’ attention.

Highlight your most selling or popular product categories from your catalog to increase cross-selling or improve product exposure. Our designers will create custom category banners for each selected category with visually appealing aesthetics.

Showcase your key business offerings or unique product KPIs to capture buyers’ trust and provide additional information essential for persuading buyers to make a purchase.

Our template features a strategically placed product image gallery with advanced click-to-zoom functionality. This enhances the overall usability of your product images, allowing buyers to zoom in for a closer look.

Our template includes a section for a quick introduction to your brand/business, showcasing your store/warehouse images, or anything else that helps buyers better understand your business with great visual presentation.

Be transparent with your buyers by displaying your shipping, payment, and return policies clearly in the tabs section. This allows buyers to access all associated information quickly without having to scroll back and forth.

Similar to the header, our footer features a customized design that highlights your brand logo, copyright sections, navigation, and any other important information. This helps gain buyers’ trust and provides ease of store navigation.


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