WhereSaintsGo.co.uk – Branded eBay Template & its Integration with Linnworks

About Where Saints Go

At eBay Ninja, we understand the importance of a unique eBay template personalized to each customer’s business and website branding. We emphasize the benefits of having a professional eBay template that not only enhances the presentation of product information but also serves as a powerful tool for brand building and attracting direct website visits.

For WhereSaintsGo, a UK-based online furniture store, our goal was to integrate their branding into their eBay listings through a customized template design. Leveraging our expertise in eBay template design, we successfully delivered a mobile-responsive eBay template that not only fulfilled their branding objectives but also contributed to a significant increase in their eBay sales.

Our Approach

Our Design Approach:

At eBay Ninja, we take a meticulous approach to design, ensuring that every element of the customer’s e-commerce website and eBay template is strategically placed to create a slick and stylish look. We focus on delivering a simple and minimal user interface that enhances the overall user experience for website visitors and eBay customers. By integrating uniquely designed elements and employing powerful presentation techniques, we aim to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Here are some key aspects of our design approach:

Large Mega Menu with Images and Category Hierarchy:

We understand the importance of efficient navigation. In the case of the customer’s website, we implemented a large mega menu that opens as a popup, displaying the entire product range in six vertical columns. The main categories are highlighted using actual product images. This type of mega menu is uncommon in eBay listings due to the challenges involved in coding and integrating with third-party listing solutions. Our developers carefully crafted this menu, considering mobile layouts and varied screen sizes to ensure seamless functionality.

Image Gallery with Dynamic Thumbnail Adjustments:

To enhance the visual appeal of eBay listings, we developed a CSS-based dynamic image gallery. Unlike many eBay listings that feature a fixed amount of images or a single image, our gallery adjusts dynamically based on the actual number of product images in each listing. This ensures a visually engaging experience for potential buyers, even within the limitations of eBay’s JavaScript restrictions.

Product Description Sections:

With the customer’s extensive product range in mind, we designed a layout that can adapt to suit all categories. The product information is divided into two sections: a short introduction and a detailed section with additional information and dimensions. This flexible layout accommodates various product types while maintaining a consistent and organized presentation.

Responsive Layout Designed for Mobiles/Tablets:

Recognizing the importance of mobile browsing, we created a separate mobile layout for the eBay template. This allows our designers to visualize how the design will appear on mobile devices and ensures a seamless user experience across different screen sizes. The mobile layout undergoes the same approval process as the desktop version, guaranteeing consistency in design and functionality.

Tons of Additional Elements:

We understand the significance of engaging and interactive design elements for brand establishment. To enhance the eBay template’s visual appeal, we integrated numerous additional elements. These include sections that provide extra information about the customer’s business, shipping and return policies, additional categories, and other interactive elements that add a sense of premiumness to the design.

Effortless Template Integration with Linnworks:

We recognize that implementing a complex template on actual eBay listings can be challenging. As the customer was using Linnworks for their eBay listing management, we seamlessly integrated our template HTML into Linnworks’ product description. This eliminated the need for the customer to worry about the complex coding and implementation process. Our integration automatically creates professional eBay listings through Linnworks’ eBay integration. The customer has reported a noticeable 30-40% increase in product sales compared to using the default eBay description.

We value your thoughts and feedback on our design approach. Our goal is to consistently deliver high-quality, visually appealing eBay templates that not only enhance the customer’s branding but also drive sales and customer engagement.

Customer’s Feedback

We were pleased with the communication and quick delivery of the project. They are very reliable and won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

-Mark Wilman, wheresaintsgo.co.uk

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