Wyred Games – Helping a Powerful Brand to Launch on eBay and Amazon

Multi-Channel Setup for Wyrd Games

In response to the changing business landscape during the pandemic, many businesses have recognized the need to adapt their sales strategies and establish an online presence to remain competitive. Wyrd Games, a renowned brand in the action figures and role-playing games industry recognized this shift and decided to launch their brand online on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart. They were looking for a powerful sales strategy that could enhance brand awareness on these platforms and capture untapped online sales opportunities.

Drawing upon our expertise in setting up multi-channel sales strategies and our extensive experience in selling on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart, we devised and executed a comprehensive brand launch plan using Shopify’s multi-channel setup.


By leveraging the capabilities of Shopify, we were able to establish a seamless presence across multiple online marketplaces. This allowed Wyrd Games to reach a broader customer base and tap into the vast customer networks of eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart. Through this multi-channel approach, we aimed to increase brand visibility, attract new customers, and drive online sales.

Our Approach

Preparing a Perfect Product Feed for All Marketplaces :

To ensure a smooth and successful product launch on eBay and Amazon, it is crucial to have accurate and properly formatted product information. We began by analyzing the customer’s existing product data and cross-referenced it with the product categories and requirements of eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping. We identified any missing attributes and implemented the necessary changes to create comprehensive product listings that comply with the marketplace standards.

By creating a proper product feed with the required attributes, we were able to avoid data errors and ensure a seamless uploading process when listing products in bulk on marketplaces. The product feed and attributes were integrated into the customer’s Shopify website, making it easy to store and manage the product information for future use.

Shopify to eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart & Google Shopping Integration:

To streamline the multi-channel setup and facilitate day-to-day e-commerce operations, we opted for an efficient integration approach rather than traditional file exchange methods. We recommended the use of Codisto Linq, a Shopify app, and configured it with the customer’s external marketplaces.

Through Codisto Cloud, we set up profiles, listing templates, shipping, payment, and return policies tailored to the customer’s various product categories. This allowed for seamless bulk product uploads on eBay and Amazon. Within just one month, we successfully listed over 1,000 products and created compelling listings on eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping. As a result, the customer achieved the status of a top-rated seller on eBay and an Authorized Brand Owner on Amazon. We also provided comprehensive 1-on-1 training on the system to ensure the customer’s ability to create new listings quickly after the initial launch.

Creating a Custom Brand Store on eBay and Amazon:

Recognizing the unique and animated creative art associated with Wyrd Games, we faced the challenge of designing eBay and Amazon stores that would align with the brand’s reputation and game character family. After extensive research and analysis, our designers developed visually appealing templates that showcased the game characters and categories, utilizing the existing artwork provided by the customer. The eBay and Amazon stores boast great visual elements and an easy-to-navigate layout, ensuring a user-friendly experience for customers.

Centralized Data & Listing Management:

Through the integration of Shopify’s product catalog data with Codisto Linq, we established a centralized system where any changes made in Shopify would automatically update across all three channels. This includes content updates, image changes, and product stock management, all seamlessly synchronized across eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping.

Furthermore, we ensured that orders from all channels were imported into Shopify, allowing the customer to process orders directly within the Shopify platform. Integration with ShipStation simplified tasks such as sending email notifications to customers, updating shipments, and uploading tracking information.

In summary, we successfully delivered a complete multi-channel system that allows the customer to efficiently manage their marketplace accounts. The integration of Shopify, Codisto Linq, and other tools provided a seamless experience for product listings, order management, and centralized data management across eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping.

Customer’s Feedback

We were looking for a solution to manage our online stores from our website and Nirav’s recommendation and experienced helped us a lot to choose the right solution to manage everything from our website. Very pleased with end results and training & support offered by Nirav and his team. Well done!

-Nathan Caroland, Wyrd Miniatures, LLC

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