Custom eBay Template & Magento to eBay Integration for UK’s Largest Music Equipment Store

About Professional Music Technology

PMT had an ERP system in place to manage their inventory across their 16 brick-and-mortar stores and warehouses. We integrated their Magento 2 website with this ERP system, allowing them to streamline inventory management and ensure accurate stock levels. This integration enabled PMT to have a centralized system for managing their eBay accounts and listings as well.

To meet the requirements of Professional Music Technology (PMT), we leveraged our expertise in Magento to eBay integration and recommended the implementation of M2E PRO, a multi-channel solution for managing marketplace sales channels. 

Our Approach

M2E PRO Integration for eBay and Amazon:

M2E PRO is widely recognized as the go-to solution for seamless integration between Magento and eBay/Amazon marketplaces. As an official M2E PRO integration partner, eStore Ninja has successfully completed over 100 Magento to eBay/Amazon integration projects, catering to various customers and product niches. With our expertise, we have developed a system that efficiently utilizes the Magento product catalog and data to create professional eBay listings.

Branded eBay Template

At eStore Ninja, our focus is on creating professional and visually appealing eBay listings that effectively showcase product information. To ensure brand consistency, we design fully customized eBay listing templates that align with the customer’s website branding. The templates incorporate the same color theme, font styles, and other elements found on the customer’s Magento website, allowing buyers to instantly recognize and connect with the brand on eBay.

Our templates feature user-friendly elements such as a mega menu with category links, an image gallery with thumbnails, product information tabs, and key business offerings. To streamline the process, we have automated the eBay template creation by integrating the template HTML into M2E PRO as a description policy, enabling the extraction of attribute values from the Magento product catalog.

M2E PRO System Capabilities:

Our integration solution empowers customers with a range of powerful features and capabilities offered by M2E PRO:
Automated Listing Creation: Customers can set up automated rules for new eBay listing creation, reducing manual effort and ensuring efficiency.

Real-time Stock Synchronization: Inventory management becomes effortless as stock updates from Magento automatically synchronize with eBay every minute, maintaining accurate product availability across channels.

Bulk Listing and Updating: With just a few clicks, customers can list or update thousands of products, saving valuable time and effort.

Attribute Mapping: Magento product attributes seamlessly map with eBay item specifics, ensuring accurate listing information and improving discoverability.

Streamlined Order Processing: eBay orders are seamlessly imported into Magento for streamlined order processing. Shipping labels and tracking codes can be updated directly through Magento, eliminating the need for separate eBay logins.

Integrated Disabling: Disabling a product in Magento automatically removes the corresponding eBay listings, ensuring accurate representation of available products.

Bulk Shipping Policy Management: Shipping policies can be set up and changed in bulk for any selected listings, simplifying shipping management.

By leveraging M2E PRO’s capabilities, we have created a centralized system within Magento that eliminates the need for constant logins to eBay, streamlining day-to-day e-commerce operations and offering an efficient and cohesive management experience.

At eStore Ninja, we are committed to delivering top-notch integration solutions, and our expertise with M2E PRO ensures that our customers can effectively manage their eBay and Amazon accounts from their Magento backend.

Customer’s Feedback

We received wonderful support and guidance from Nirav and his team. eStore Ninja is an on-the-go outsourcing partner for any marketplace-specific tasks!

-Brad, Professional Music Technology

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