– WooCommerce to eBay Integration and a Complete Makeover of eBay Templates

About, a leading supplier of air tools and industrial equipment, was seeking an optimal solution for effectively managing their eBay store and preparing for future expansion to other marketplaces. To ensure a seamless and successful operation, we recommended a comprehensive solution that addresses their specific requirements.


Our Approach

A few years ago, managing listings on multiple sales channels and maintaining them separately was a laborious task. However, with the advent of modern third-party solutions and advanced API tools, the process has become much simpler and more efficient. Here’s how we streamlined the multi-channel management for

WP Lister for WooCommerce to eBay Integration:

Considering the customer’s familiarity with WordPress, we recommended WP Lister due to its user-friendly interface and robust features. Our marketplace experts configured WP Lister with the customer’s eBay account and set up listing profiles based on the website’s product categories. Each profile stores the settings for the primary eBay category, eBay store categories, item specifics, and relevant shipping, payment, and return policies.

We implemented advanced configuration to synchronize price, quantity, and product information between WooCommerce and eBay. With this integration, the customer enjoys several benefits:

  • No need to create additional products on eBay; new listings can be created based on existing WooCommerce products.
  • Stock management on eBay is automated; inventory from the website syncs seamlessly with eBay listings.
  • Doesn’t need to log-in to eBay to process orders, all eBay orders are imported into Woocommerce and he can upload shipment and tracking no. back to eBay .
  • Orders from eBay are automatically imported into WooCommerce, eliminating the need to log in separately to process orders. The customer can easily upload shipment details and tracking numbers back to eBay.
  • Automatic feedback can be set up based on predefined conditions.
  • Multiple eBay accounts and channels can be managed, with separate listing profiles for each account, allowing for different settings.

Redesigning of eBay Template from Scratch:

To maintain a consistent brand presence, we redesigned the eBay store template to align with the website’s branding. Our eBay designers created a professional template that captures the brand’s essence and motivates eBay buyers to make quick purchase decisions.

The store template features a header with the brand logo, category navigation, and a prominent search bar. The middle section includes promotional slider banners, visually appealing featured category sections, and a display for newly listed products. The footer contains links to important categories, an about us section, call-to-action buttons/graphics, and a newsletter section.

We also designed a mobile-responsive product listing template with key elements such as a large image gallery with thumbnails, a concise product description, price and payment options, tabs for detailed product information, technical specifications, and business policies, and a quick contact seller link for inquiries.

The listing template was integrated into WP Lister, which automatically retrieves product information from the WooCommerce catalog and generates professional HTML templates effortlessly.

Complete Training & Support:

We don’t just deliver the perfect system; we also provide comprehensive training and support to ensure our customers can utilize it to its fullest potential. Through personalized 1-on-1 training, we offered an overview of the system, explained how it works, and provided guidance on effectively managing day-to-day tasks. Our aim is to empower the customer to become self-sufficient in managing their e-commerce operations with ease.

Customer’s Feedback

Reliable and trustworthy team. Nirav understood our business objective and offered the most cost-effective solution to manage our eBay and Amazon accounts. Great job!

-Rosemary & Cam,


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