MuscleU and Protein King – A Journey of $3k/Month to $15k/Month- eBay Sales Growth Strategy

About MuscleU and Protein King

An Australian-based supplement store wanted to revamp its eBay stores for their two individual brands having average monthly sales of $2k-$3k/Month. With our eBay optimization and marketing strategy, we achieve monthly sales of $15,000 within 3 to 4 months.

Our Approach

Centralize Inventory System through Shopify to eBay integration:

At eBay Ninja, we understand the significance of a centralized inventory system and effective eBay integration for seamless operations and sales growth. When approached by a customer with two individual brand websites built on Shopify, we implemented a Shopify to eBay integration through Codisto. This integration enabled us to streamline the process of new listing creation, stock updates, and order processing, resulting in efficient management of hundreds of eBay listings.

Customized eBay Templates :

We designed 100% customized eBay templates that aligned with the customer’s branding and matched closely with their Shopify websites. These templates not only showcased the products effectively but also provided a seamless shopping experience across all devices and browsers. Each brand had its own unique template, tailored to their specific product range and pricing, ensuring a distinct brand identity on eBay.

Optimizing eBay Listings for Organic Growth:

We believe in data-driven optimization, leveraging past performance history and sales data analytics. Our experts conducted detailed keyword research using Google AdWords and eBay tools, as well as product research using solutions like Terapeak and Zik Analytics. By analyzing top sellers in each product category, we optimized listing titles, patterns, and other aspects to maximize visibility and sales. Our goal was to match the quality and performance of top sellers in the respective categories.

Standard Paid Promotions:

To achieve rapid growth, we set up eBay standard promotions, which are based on an ad sale percentage. This allowed us to maintain control over advertising costs while driving consistent sales. By closely monitoring profit margins and adjusting promotions accordingly, we achieved a significant 30-35% growth in sales through standard eBay promotions.

Advanced eBay PPC Campaigns:

For products with high-profit margins, we implemented advanced pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on eBay. These campaigns targeted specific keywords and search terms, ensuring maximum visibility for our products among potential buyers actively searching for them. By strategically bidding and keeping our pricing attractive, we increased sales conversion rates and achieved targeted sales with controlled advertising costs.

Brand/Product Based Campaigns:

In this campaign type, we targeted brand-specific keywords and exact product name keywords. By focusing on buyers who were already familiar with the products or had previous purchases, we tapped into a highly potential customer base. We optimized bidding strategies and pricing to enhance the sales conversion rate and drive targeted sales.

We place the bid strategically and kept our pricing attractive which had increase the sale through rate and also helped us achieve targeted sales with little bit of extra advertising cost.

Generic Keyword Campaigns:

To reach a wider range of customers, we created campaigns based on generic keyword groups that encompassed various brands. These campaigns allowed us to target a larger audience while carefully managing bid prices to stay within the advertising budget. Continuous monitoring and adjustments based on product/keyword performance helped us optimize the campaigns for the best results.

Continuous Analysis, Monitoring and Adjustments:

Throughout the process, our data analysts diligently analyzed performance, monitored daily metrics, and made necessary adjustments to optimize ROI for paid campaigns. With continuous analysis, monitoring, and adjustments, we achieved an impressive 300% growth within just 3-4 months.

Our comprehensive approach, combining customized eBay templates, organic listing optimization, and targeted paid campaigns, enabled us to drive significant sales growth for the customer’s two individual brands. We remain committed to delivering exceptional results and helping businesses maximize their potential on eBay.

Customer’s Feedback

Our sales were dropping consistently and we trusted eBay Ninja for optimizing our eBay stores and listings. We have wonderful experience and very pleased with their optimistic approach and quick execution.

-Joel Harrison, MuscleU & Protein King Australia

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