– WooCommerce to eBay Integration and Custom Store Design


Recently, we had the opportunity to assist The Jewelz, an eBay seller, in automating their existing eBay sales operation and seamlessly managing their eBay account from their WooCommerce website.

By leveraging the power of our integration solution, we enabled The Jewelz to create new eBay listings directly from their WooCommerce website dashboard, eliminating the need for manual product uploading and streamlining their sales operations.

Our Approach

Multi-channel Solution on WordPress/WooCommerce:

To meet the specific requirements of The Jewelz, who had their entire product inventory and customer database stored on their WordPress website, we recommended the utilization of WP-Lister, a powerful plugin that facilitates the management of eBay and Amazon accounts directly through WordPress.

Our team of multi-channel experts installed and configured WP-Lister, integrating it seamlessly with The Jewelz’s eBay account. This integration provided them with a range of capabilities, including:

  • Creation of new eBay listings: The Jewelz could easily create new listings for their products on eBay directly from their WordPress website.
  • Editing and updating existing eBay listings: With WP-Lister, they could make changes to their existing eBay listings, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Stock synchronization: The plugin enabled automatic synchronization of stock levels between their WooCommerce platform and eBay, preventing overselling or inventory discrepancies.
  • Order import and processing: The Jewelz could effortlessly import orders from eBay into their WooCommerce backend, allowing for streamlined order management. They could update order tracking information and shipping status directly from their WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Importing eBay customer feedback: WP-Lister facilitated the importation of eBay customer feedback, enabling The Jewelz to maintain a comprehensive record of customer interactions.

Custom eBay Store & Product Templates:

We understood the importance of a cohesive brand image and enhanced customer experience across all platforms. Therefore, our team designed fully customized eBay storefront and product listing templates that perfectly matched The Jewelz’s existing e-commerce website design.

These custom templates were seamlessly integrated into WP-Lister, leveraging WooCommerce attribute tags. As a result, The Jewelz could showcase their products in a professional and visually appealing layout, without the need for complex HTML coding knowledge.

1-on-1 Training:

We believe that empowering our customers to effectively utilize our solutions is essential for their success. After the completion of the project, we provided The Jewelz with comprehensive 1-on-1 training sessions.

Through communication tools like Skype Call and Teamviewer screen sharing, we conducted personalized training sessions to educate The Jewelz on the capabilities of our system. We guided them through common e-commerce tasks, ensuring they became proficient in utilizing the system independently and with confidence.

By combining a robust multi-channel solution, customized templates, and dedicated training, we aimed to equip The Jewelz with the tools and knowledge to maximize their e-commerce potential and drive growth in their online business.

Customer’s Feedback

Great job. Some delayed but very happy with the end results!

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