– Custom eBay Shop and M2E PRO Template

About TheFashioner

This case study highlights the collaboration between eBay Ninja and a prominent Australian fashion brand specializing in pre-owned garments for women.

The objective was to revamp their eBay shop and create multiple M2E PRO listing templates that aligned with their brand identity and effectively showcased their product information and promotions.

Our Approach

Enhancing Australia’s Leading Fashion Portal with Visually Appealing Custom Design

eBay Shop Design:

The primary goal was to create a visually appealing design that resonated with the brand logo and emphasized top categories, key business offerings, and promotional banners. eBay Ninja understood the importance of brand recognition and aimed to enhance the overall aesthetics while maintaining a user-friendly navigation system. Through a collaborative process with the client, eBay Ninja provided unlimited design changes, ensuring that the final design met the client’s branding expectations.

M2E PRO Listing Templates:

In addition to the eBay shop design, eBay Ninja also developed multiple M2E PRO listing templates. Each template was tailored to specific clothing categories, providing buyers with relevant and useful information. The design process involved creating mockups, incorporating client feedback, and making revisions until the desired design was achieved. The ultimate goal was to increase buyer engagement, promote the brand to new eBay users, and present product information in a professional and user-friendly manner.

Key Features of the Listing Template:

The M2E PRO listing template incorporated various features to enhance the buyer’s experience and provide comprehensive product information. These features included:

Responsive Structure: The template was designed to be responsive, ensuring optimal viewing experiences across different screen sizes and devices.

Dynamic Product Image Gallery: The template featured a dynamic image gallery, allowing buyers to view product images in an engaging and interactive manner.

Sizing Guide Section: To assist buyers in selecting the appropriate size, a dedicated section was included in the listing template, providing sizing guidance and measurements.

CSS Tabs for Shipping, Payment, and Return Information: To enhance clarity and organization, shipping, payment, and return information were arranged in CSS tabs, creating a user-friendly interface.

Custom Header and Footer:A high-tech and customer-friendly design was incorporated into the header and footer sections, further reinforcing the brand’s image and providing a cohesive visual experience.

Integration and Testing:

Once the design was finalized, eBay Ninja proceeded to integrate the listing template into M2E PRO’s description policy. Extensive testing was conducted on live eBay listings to ensure proper functionality and a seamless user experience.

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