– Custom eBay Shop, Codisto Listing Template Design and Integration

About Scattermats

ScatterMats, a renowned online rug store based in Australia, recognized the importance of branding and enhancing the user experience on their eBay sales channel. They approached our team with the goal of implementing branding elements similar to their existing online website and improving the overall buying experience for their eBay customers.

With our experience in eBay store and listing template design, we were able to deliver a solution that met their requirements and exceeded their expectations.

Our Approach

Customizing the eBay Storefront:

Navigation and Category Structure:

To ensure efficient navigation and provide customers with a wide range of product options, we recommended creating a category structure based on their past sales data. The store categories were divided into three sections: top navigation, featured categories, and product filters. The top navigation section displayed common categories with drop-down sub-categories. The featured categories section highlighted best-selling categories, directing customers to relevant products. The product filter section allowed customers to easily narrow their search by price, color, and size of the rug. We also included a banner slider for showcasing promotions and new products.

Newly Listed Products:

Two rows of newly listed products were strategically placed under the featured category section, giving customers a quick glimpse of the latest additions to the eBay store.

Establishing Customer Trust:

To build customer trust, we emphasized important factors such as easy returns, money-back guarantees, and quick customer support. Well-designed icons and accompanying text helped instill confidence in buyers and provided peace of mind.

Custom Pages:

Custom pages were created for frequently asked questions (FAQs), a rug buying guide, information about the store, and store policies. Quick links were provided to these pages, ensuring that customers had access to essential information about the products and store.

Footer Design:

The footer section of the eBay store was designed creatively and filled with links to important pages and categories. It also included features such as newsletter subscription and the ability to add items to favorites.

Listing Template Design and Integration with Codisto Linq:

In addition to the eBay store customization, we designed a matching product listing template that was mobile-responsive and compliant with eBay’s active content policy and guidelines. The listing template featured a large image gallery, a clean product description section, a “You May Like” section for cross-selling promotions, and a “Why Choose Us” section highlighting key business offerings. Tabs for shipping, payment, and returns provided customers with essential information for making quick purchase decisions.

The designed listing template was integrated into Codisto Linq, a third-party eBay listing tool, and demonstrated with 1 to 2 products to showcase its functionality and effectiveness.

Project Images