Re-Branding of Dr Wadke’s Natural Health Care eBay Store

About Dr Wadke’s Natural Health Care

At eStore Ninja, we recently had the pleasure of working with Dr. Wadke’s Natural Health Care, a globally renowned brand with a strong presence on the eBay marketplace across multiple countries. Our goal was to enhance their brand recognition and provide them with a seamless management solution for all their sales channels.

By customizing their eBay storefront on each country channel, we created a localized and personalized experience for their buyers. This not only established trust but also showcased their brand value and expertise in natural health care.

With our expertise in eBay store customization, we ensured that Dr. Wadke’s Natural Health Care had a consistent and recognizable brand presence across all their eBay channels. This allowed them to effectively manage their global sales and cater to the unique needs of each market.

Our Approach

We are proud to share that our team successfully developed a W3C validated HTML template for our client, integrating it seamlessly with their Magento website. To ensure a smooth transition, we provided personalized Skype training sessions, guiding the client on how to update their existing listings using the new template design.

Managing translations and personalization across multiple accounts and countries can be overwhelming. To simplify this process, our M2E PRO experts implemented different attributes and store views in Magento. This allowed the client to effortlessly manage multiple eBay accounts and marketplaces while maintaining inventory and order synchronization.

Our comprehensive solution empowered the client to efficiently handle their day-to-day eBay operations, all from a centralized platform consisting of M2E PRO and Magento dashboards tailored to their various countries.

At eBay Ninja, we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions that streamline your eBay selling experience and help you achieve success across multiple channels and markets.

Customer’s Feedback

I am really happy with our new eBay template. It looks exactly like our website and we would be happy to hire eBay Ninja again for our other eBay accounts.

– Dr. Nilesh Wadke,

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