– Custom Ecommerce Website from Scratch with WooCommerce & eBay Integration

Our Approach

WooCommerce Website Development and Wp Lister Integration for eBay Listing Management

If you have great products to sell, exploring those products on all possible platforms where there is a potential for loyal buyers, should be the first marketing strategy you should think of.

After winning the best eBay seller awards for two consecutive years, Japan based camera & film equipment seller wanted to have his own Ecommerce website so customers can purchase directly from website and dependency of selling products on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon get reduced slightly.

With his own ecommerce platforms, he wanted to offer products at much lower price compared to selling on marketplaces by cutting of the commission one needs to pay on final sales to these marketplace sites and wanted to offer more products which was also limitation on marketplaces.

Having ecommerce website for first time, we have chosen WordPress for product & content management and WooCommerce as shopping cart of the website with payment gateway like Paypal and direct bank transfer.

Designers at eBay Ninja has designed 100% custom layout based on client’s expectation, product range and key business offering. Responsive structure built with Bootstrap has been adapted to streamline user experience.

We have optimized the website speed by testing with tools like Google Page Speed Insight and GtMatrix and carried out optimization of the resources to minimize the page loading time.

With use of WP Lister, we have developed a system within WordPress which allows client to list products on eBay directly from WordPress including inventory synchronization, product re-listing/revising, order processing and replying to customer messages.

As a result, now client doesn’t require managing two platforms individually to sell products, instead, he just needs to manage inventory on WordPress and it gets synced automatically on eBay.

Thus, offered small scale multi-channel solution with limited requirement!!

As it was client’s first experience with Ecommerce website, we have provided detailed documentation on things like how to add/delete products, how to process orders, how to edit the content of pages/blogs and all other operations for managing successful ecommerce websites.

Our friendly approach, great customer support and 100% transparency helped us to accomplish 100% customer satisfaction and great feedback form client.

Customer’s Feedback

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