JustHorseRiders- Premium eBay Shop & Product Listing Template Design with M2E PRO Integration

About JustHorseRiders

Redesigning our own eBay store while incorporating a wow factor presented an exciting challenge. We wanted to create a fresh and contemporary layout that not only adhered to eBay’s latest policies but also captured the essence of Just Horse Riders’ brand and appealed to their target audience.

Taking into account the evolving design trends and eBay’s active content policies, we focused on the following aspects to deliver an impressive and compliant eBay shop.

Our Approach

A Full Width Layout Design:

To align with the customer’s website design, which had a width of 1920, we opted for a full-width layout. This decision was driven by our analysis of the customer’s analytics, which revealed that a significant percentage of visitors used a screen size of 1920. By utilizing a full-width layout, we aimed to provide a seamless and visually appealing experience for users.

Above the Fold Priorities:

We prioritized key elements above the fold to capture the attention of visitors. The top navigation prominently displayed important product categories, accompanied by visually appealing icons for enhanced visual appeal. Promotional banners were strategically placed to highlight key brands and product offerings. Additionally, the search bar was positioned strategically to enable buyers to quickly find what they need with just one click.

Shop By Category & Key Business Offering:

Understanding the importance of guiding customers to profitable categories and those with ample stock, we designed visually appealing category banners with great aesthetics. These banners were complemented by a business introduction video, creating an engaging and informative experience for buyers. Furthermore, we highlighted eight key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive sales and establish trust among eBay buyers, facilitating quick decision-making.

Quick Access to Products, Important Links, and Popular Brands:

In addition to highlighting top categories, we incorporated three sections to enhance navigation and provide quick access to important store sections. The “Newly Listed” product section showcased twelve new products, while the brand slider enabled buyers to explore specific brand offerings. The footer contained links to the store’s policies pages, category pages, and featured buttons for subscribing to the newsletter, contacting the seller, and saving the store to their favorite list.

Matching Product Listing Template:

To ensure consistency and a seamless user experience, we designed a matching product listing template. This template featured a full-width image gallery with thumbnails, a creatively designed section for price, brand, newsletter, and contact seller buttons below the image gallery, a tabs section for displaying product information, key business offerings, and a footer for easy navigation to other store sections.

M2E PRO Integration:

Just Horse Riders utilized M2E PRO to manage their eBay listings from Magento. Leveraging our experience with M2E PRO, we seamlessly integrated our custom product template into the platform and successfully updated all existing eBay listings with the new template, preserving valuable sales history.

We invite you to review our eBay shop and template design and provide feedback on our efforts.

Customer’s Feedback

We are extremely pleased with the redesigned eBay shop and template created by the team. The new design has enhanced our brand presence and improved the overall feel-good vibe. The integration with M2E PRO has made managing our eBay listings a breeze. Great job!

– Alex Murphy, Justhorseriders.co.uk

Project Images