Footlogics Australia – Custom eBay Shop, Template & Product Listing Optimization

About Custom Suspension

FootLogics Australia, a renowned brand specializing in Orthotic Insoles, recognized the potential of marketplaces to acquire new customers and sought to establish a compelling presence on eBay. Their objective went beyond simply selling products; they aimed to connect with eBay users, educate them about common foot issues, and offer suitable solutions to enhance their quality of life.

Our Approach

A Leading Orthotics Brand in Australia Successfully Established Their eBay Presence

The design approach for this project encompassed both a marketing goal and a social purpose. FootLogics Australia wanted their eBay template to align with their existing website, creating a cohesive brand experience. They aimed to engage customers not only for product purchases but also to provide a platform for individuals to connect with the brand regarding the physical challenges they faced in their daily lives.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a 90-day money-back guarantee on each product, it was vital for customers to understand their specific foot condition and make informed decisions when selecting the most appropriate product. eBay Ninja, leveraging its expertise in designing eBay stores for diverse products and niches, devised a winning design strategy to establish a standout eBay presence for FootLogics Australia.

The design process followed a three-phase structure, resulting in the creation of three distinct design modules. The first module focused on developing a comprehensive knowledge base, providing customers with detailed information about foot issues, associated products, and additional resources to guide their purchase decisions. To ensure ease of reading across various browsing environments, a clean and intuitive web 2.0 design style was implemented for these knowledge base pages.

The storefront prominently featured the top eight products, utilizing custom product box designs. Additionally, it included direct links to the knowledge base pages and customer support, enabling seamless communication between customers and the brand.

The product listing template was meticulously crafted to mirror the design aesthetic of FootLogics Australia’s website. Leveraging the success of their tested and proven product page on their website, eBay Ninja aimed to achieve a similar design within the technical guidelines of eBay. To enhance discoverability, extensive research was conducted using the Google Keyword Planner to identify popular health-related keywords associated with each product. These keywords were strategically incorporated into the product titles to optimize search visibility while providing essential product information.

The results were impressive, with orders pouring in on the very next day after the store’s launch. FootLogics Australia quickly reached their selling limits within the first month, showcasing the immediate impact of their enhanced eBay presence.

As FootLogics Australia already had a well-established customer base through offline and print marketing, selling on eBay presented a new and exciting experience. eBay Ninja’s experts guided them in creating a visually captivating presence, employing a 100% customized design that perfectly reflected the brand’s values. By providing a wealth of information through the knowledge base, FootLogics Australia successfully fostered ongoing communication with their customers, further strengthening their brand’s relationship with its audience.

The collaboration between eBay Ninja and FootLogics Australia resulted in an eBay store that not only delivered outstanding sales performance but also facilitated meaningful connections between the brand and its customers. We take pride in our role in helping FootLogics Australia expand their online presence, and we look forward to assisting other clients in achieving similar success stories.

Customer’s Feedback

Great work! Very skillful and also some great suggestions in making my eBay store looking very professional! Thank you Nirav, for a job well done! Richard

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