Neto to eBay and Catch Integration for Enforcer Group Australia

About Enforcer Group Australia

By leveraging the default eBay and Catch integration provided by Neto, we enabled the bollards and safety equipment manufacturers to streamline their e-commerce operations.

With customized eBay sales profiles and templates, we ensured a personalized shopping experience for eBay customers, aligning the product categories with the corresponding eBay listings. This integration has significantly enhanced their multi-channel sales strategy and improved overall efficiency.

Our Approach

Key features of Neto to eBay integration:

Simplified listing creation: Easily create eBay & Catch listings in bulk directly from the Neto backend with just a few clicks, saving time and effort.

Seamless product synchronization: Add new products to eBay listings effortlessly through Neto, as the existing product catalog serves as the primary data source for eBay, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information.

Customizable listing templates: Utilize a custom design template integrated into Neto to create professional and visually appealing eBay listings, enhancing the brand image and attracting more customers.

Inventory synchronization: Maintain accurate inventory levels by automatically synchronizing product stock between Neto, eBay and Catch, preventing overselling and inventory discrepancies.

Order management: Import eBay & Catch orders into Neto for streamlined order processing, enabling the update of tracking and shipment information, and facilitating efficient communication with customers.

Automated customer communication: Generate automated order invoices and tracking emails for eBay customers, ensuring a seamless and professional post-purchase experience.

Furthermore, our team has customized the eBay storefront and product listing template to match the customer’s e-commerce website, creating a cohesive brand identity and increasing the potential for direct lead generation on their website. With the Neto system, sellers can manage eBay sales directly from the backend, resulting in a reliable and streamlined multi-channel selling experience.

Customer’s Feedback

Very easy communication with good English, I recommend using Nlrav, and I’m using him already again.

– Izzy Baum,

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