Diamond Treasure- Custom eBay Shop , Listing Template and Valigara Integration and Set-up

About Diamond Treasure

In this success story, we highlight the collaboration between eBay Ninja and Valigara Solutions to enable a loose diamond and jewelry seller to expand their sales across multiple platforms.

By leveraging Valigara’s comprehensive multi-channel management platform, eBay Ninja aimed to design a captivating eBay shop and listing template while exploring the unique functionalities that Valigara offers specifically for jewelry sellers.

Our Approach

The client, a loose diamond and jewelry seller, sought to broaden their sales reach by listing their products on various platforms. They required a solution that would simplify the listing process, synchronize inventory across multiple channels, revise products effortlessly, and consolidate order management into a single dashboard for enhanced efficiency and customer management.

Valigara Platform and Discovery:

During the project, eBay Ninja discovered Valigara, a platform tailored to meet the specific needs of jewelry sellers. Valigara’s focus on selling diamonds and jewelry products piqued their interest, presenting an opportunity to explore a new platform that could potentially benefit both the client and eBay Ninja in future integrations.

Designing an Outstanding eBay Shop and Listing Template:

eBay Ninja’s primary objective was to create an exceptional eBay shop and listing template for the client. By leveraging their expertise in eBay shop design, they aimed to enhance the client’s branding and provide a visually appealing representation of their jewelry and diamond products. The custom-designed shop and template were meticulously crafted to align with the client’s branding objectives and showcase their products in the best possible light.

Integration with Valigara and Future Prospects:

The collaboration with Valigara went beyond the design aspect, as eBay Ninja gained full access to the platform and became familiar with its functionalities specifically tailored for jewelry sellers. Impressed by Valigara’s inventory management capabilities, listing channel modules, and user-friendly interface, eBay Ninja recognized the potential for future integration services with Valigara.

Expanding eStore Ninja’s Services:

The experience with Valigara allowed eBay Ninja to expand their services under the eBay Ninja brand, focusing on providing comprehensive integration solutions exclusively for jewelry sellers. This new offering aligned perfectly with eBay Ninja’s commitment to catering to the unique needs of sellers in the jewelry industry.

Customer’s Feedback

Working with Nirav for very long time. First delivered awesome eBay shop now working on my own Ecommerce website.  – Great work so Far!!!

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