Custom eBay Store & Template Design for TheHappyBakeShop

About TheHappyBakeShop

At eStore Ninja, we had the pleasure of working with The HappyBakeShop, a family-owned local bakery specializing in homemade cookies, sweet bread, and party snacks. After experiencing great success with their products on Etsy, they wanted to expand their customer base by establishing an online storefront on eBay.

Recognizing the importance of showcasing their delicious baked goods and creating a strong brand presence, we designed a 100% custom storefront and product listing template specifically tailored to The HappyBakeShop’s business and branding.

Our Approach

Taking into account their investment in product photography, our eBay shop designers aimed to complement their stunning product images and create a visually appealing and professional presentation.

Our approach was to be creative and design a unique themed layout that would set them apart from other sellers on eBay. We wanted their storefront to stand out and attract customers with its distinctive design. To achieve this, we incorporated several key elements:

Promotional banners: These banners highlighted ongoing sales and special offers, grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

Featured category section: We provided a quick and easy way for customers to navigate through different product categories, allowing them to find their desired items effortlessly.

Newly listed and ending soon products: This section showcased the latest additions to their inventory as well as products with limited availability, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging buyers to make a purchase.

Key business value propositions: We highlighted the unique selling points of The HappyBakeShop, such as their homemade recipes, high-quality ingredients, and personalized customer service.

Newsletter and social media integration: We included quick links to their newsletter subscription and social media profiles, enabling future brand engagement and customer retention.

Footer with important links and contact information: We ensured that essential links, such as shipping and return policies, were easily accessible. Additionally, we provided quick contact information to facilitate communication with potential buyers.

In addition to designing their storefront, we assisted The HappyBakeShop in listing their products from their Etsy store to their new eBay store, following best practices for listing optimization. This approach, combined with our custom design, resulted in significant sales within just a few days of setting up their eBay store.

Our goal was to create a visually appealing and professional storefront that showcased The HappyBakeShop’s homemade baked goods in the best possible way. By implementing a custom design and incorporating key elements, we helped them attract customers and establish a strong brand presence on eBay.

Customer’s Feedback

Great work!!Looking forward working again with new product lineup. Thanks again!!

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