Amazon FBA to Magento Data Migration, Importing eBay Listing and Inventory Synchronization

About Socal Clothing

This case study highlights the collaboration between eBay Ninja and Socal Clothing, a local clothing seller with a successful presence on Amazon. The project involved setting up multi-channel selling, including the development of their own e-commerce website on Magento and integration with eBay.

The primary focus was on leveraging Amazon FBA for inventory storage and order processing across all channels.

Our Approach

Importing Products from Amazon to Magento:

To kickstart the process, eBay Ninja created a product catalog on Magento mirroring the inventory available on the client’s Amazon account. By exporting the Amazon inventory and converting the data into a CSV file, 500+ simple products and 100+ configurable products were efficiently imported into Magento. This streamlined approach saved significant time that would have been spent on manual product listing.

Custom M2E PRO Template and eBay Integration:

To expand Socal Clothing’s sales channels, eBay Ninja utilized M2E PRO to integrate the client’s eBay account with Magento. A custom M2E PRO listing template was designed to enhance branding and maximize sales potential. The existing live listings were imported into Magento, mapped to the product catalog, and synchronized for future updates, ensuring seamless management across platforms.

Utilizing StitchLabs for Order Processing and Inventory Synchronization:

The biggest challenge in the multi-channel setup was effectively processing orders and synchronizing inventory with Amazon FBA. To address this, eBay Ninja implemented StitchLabs as an intermediate platform. StitchLabs was integrated with eBay, Amazon, and Magento, making it the central hub for order processing and inventory management.

By utilizing StitchLabs, Socal Clothing achieved the following benefits:

Seamless Order Processing:

Orders originating from Magento or eBay were seamlessly sent to the Amazon FBA account for processing. This ensured that all orders were efficiently handled at the physical inventory location.

Inventory Synchronization:

StitchLabs became the master inventory for eBay and Magento, receiving updates directly from Amazon FBA. This eliminated concerns of overstocked inventory or inventory discrepancies across channels.

Centralized Inventory Management:

With StitchLabs as the central hub, Socal Clothing could easily track and manage inventory across eBay, Amazon, and Magento. Any changes or updates in inventory were automatically synchronized across all channels.

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